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Democratic Constitution of the
Party for Communism & Liberation Ireland

*note* Constitution is subject to change via annual people's congress with authority from the Central People's Committee
1. Introduction
2. Objectives
3. Membership
4. Structure
5. Authority & Discipline
6. Party Funds

7. General

1. Introduction

The "Party for Communism & Liberation" (abbr. "PCL") is an all Ireland communist organisation founded in 2022 with aims to build a Communist People's Union on the foundations of Marxist-Leninist-Maoism in Ireland. The party aims to bring socialism in our lifetime, we aim to achieve this by connecting communities and it's people under the banner of Communism and providing the people an alternative to the capitalist system.

2. Objectives
The main goals of the party are the following.
Objectives will change over time to adjust to the current political situation.
1. Fight for equality for all on the island, no matter the race, age or sexual orientation.
2. Build localised centre's of revolutionary resistance to combat the influence of capitalism and social liberalism and to help build a strong people's alternative to the current ruling system.
3. Highlight and Combat the housing crisis that the regime of Fíne Gael, Fíanna Fáil & Green Party has made much worse with the funding of landlords and privatisation tactics. We can combat the housing crisis by highlighting unused yet liveable buildings around the nation by certain means.
4. Highlight the imperialist grip that holds our nation on a triple lock. The United States, British Empire and European Union steal our national resources to fund their own personal gains, whether that's funding war crimes happening over sees or funding their own pockets.

3. Membership
Membership to the party is opened to all aged 16+ who subscribe to the constitution and views of the Party for Communism & Liberation.
People who wish to join the Party can do so by emailing "" or by using the contact link on the website . An email response will include a form for those interested.

Membership to the party is worked out in 2 stages.
Members who join for the first 3 months will be under a probation period. This helps the member learn more about the party before being able to take important positions in the organisation such as branch chair or secretary. This does not stop members from producing ideas and bringing them to their local committees for discussion.

Upon completing the probationary period, members will be given the option to stay or leave. If the member chooses to stay, they will be gifted a membership card and the ability help shape the organisation at a national level by running for certain positions in which this helps them learn leadership and organisational skills.


4. Party Structure
The party structures itself at 3 different levels. Below is a list and how each level helps the party run.

1. Central People's Committee - Highest governing body of the organisation. This is the main decision point for the party and all decisions are final. The Central People's Committee will be the publishers of all party literature such as changes to the constitution or party programme if significant changes are voted upon by members at congress. They're also in charge of publishing the party's newspapers and updates.
2. County Branch Committees - This level organises comrades specifically in each county to build and promote party ideals and to help achieve our goals

3. Local Committees - Committees built within communities to help organise or start branches for the organisation and spark the idea of revolution in their areas.


For new branches to be set up within a county, the new branch needs to follow the a certain set-up guide
1. Have 5+ people involved in the Party and within the same county.
2. Hold a localised election with a representative from the Central People's Committee to ensure the vote is democratic. The vote will be for 2 spots, Branch Chairperson and Branch Secretary.
3. Chairperson and Secretary of the new branch will meet with the Central People's Committee to discuss tactics and funding.


Current roles on a Branch Level
1. Chairperson - Chairpersons job is to organise branch activities and to organise meetings both for branch level and if needed, meetings with the Central People's Committee.
2. Secretary - Secretary's job is to handle emails from Central People's Committee, Members or new applications to the branch.
3. Educational Officer - Educational Officer's organise branch educational meetings, educational events should be held every 2 weeks if possible.


5. Authority & Discipline
Party authority falls underneath the Disciplinary Sub-Committee of the Central People's Committee made up of 4 members. They will handle all cases of uncomradely conduct within the Party and will ensure a standard of Discipline is kept by all members.
We expect all members to conduct themselves on a professional  level when on party activities or when discussing party politics outside of activities


6. Party Funding
The party runs solely on donations from comrades, dues collected from monthly meetings and money raising events ran by the party.
All party funds will be stored by the Central People's Committee Treasury and be used to purchase party equipment like flags, leaflets and clothing or be used for Party ran events like food / clothing drives.

7. General

1. The emblem for official party uses will be the white Starry Plough, on a maroon background with the Hammer and Sickle.

2. The official website, youtube ( Liberation Media ) and associated emails of the organisation ( ) are the only contact points. All other pages such as "Facebook", "Twitter" etc are not endorsed by the Party.

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