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Party Views - 2022/23

*note* Programme is subject to change via annual congress with authority from the Central People's Committee

Party's views on LGBTQ+ Rights
The Party hereby supports all those identifying within the LGBTQ+ bracket and will help in fighting for their rights and their access to proper medical care for those who need or want it.

Party's views on the Housing Issue
We believe that the current regime of Fine Gael & Fianna Fáil are not doing much to better the housing situation in Ireland. The Party believes that the people of Ireland should have the right to occupy unused buildings in protest of the situation to highlight the issue that many in Ireland are facing

Party's view on international solidarity
We offer our solidarity to comrades around the world that actively struggle against imperialism and political suppression. We urge all parties that share our beliefs to get in contact with us and to establish a communications link.


Party's view on Anti-fascism
The Party strongly believes that fascism is on the rise and that the communists are the only faction that can stop the rise of the fascist menace. We believe that all communists on the island should unite to stamp out the ideology of vermin so we can progress towards our goals.


Party's View on the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict
The Party strongly believe that the conflict in Ukraine is justified by the forces of the DPR / LPR. The party support the people of Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics in their struggle for independence against the fascist regime of Ukraine. We view the Russian Federation as an imperialistic force that's as bad as the Ukrainian government.. We support the liberation of the DPR & LPR by any means necessary, and we wish a swift end to the fascist regime and to the conflict.


Party's views on the Gardai & Defence Forces
The Gardai and Defence Forces of Ireland are enemies of the people that exist for nothing more than protection to the bourgeois class and their assets. Since the founding of the free state in Ireland, the military and gardai have collaborated with each other and British state forces to constantly harass, intimidate, abduct, torture and kill Revolutionaries who sought to bring an end to the Pro British forces in Ireland and to establish a People's Republic sought by the revolutionaries in 1916. To this day, the harassment continues in form of the Special Branch, Police Service Northern Ireland, Special Reconnaissance Regiment and Unionist extremists.

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