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Party for Communism & Liberation: Statement on the death of Gorbachev


Central People's Committee

The Party for Communism & Liberation welcomes the news of the death of the traitor of the Soviet Socialist Republic Ex-President, Mikhail Gorbachev.

Gorbachev was the main political figure behind the collapse of the Soviet Republic, bringing the soviet people to their knees and reaping them from a life of prosperity after illegally dissolving the Soviet Union and allowing capitalism to root it's seed in the Russian society. It was planned along with Ronald Reagan to disband the Union and to expand western influence to the eastern part of Europe. With this news, we hope this sparks the idea of revolution once more in Russia and brings forth a new red wave that will one day, restore the glorious foundations of the Soviet Federation.

The news of this traitor's depart from this world will be welcomed around the world.

The Central People's Committee's final words on this statement are as follows.

"The Bastard is dead!"

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