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Party for Communism & Liberation - Victory Day Statement 2022

Updated: May 13, 2022

"COMRADES! Men and women compatriots!

The great day of victory over Germany has come. Fascist Germany, forced to her knees by the Red Army and the troops of our Allies, has acknowledged herself defeated and declared unconditional surrender." - Comrade Josef Stalin, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Speech to the soviet people on May 9th 1945

On May 8th, Soviet and allied troops overlooked the surrender of the German military in Berlin which bought the end world war 2 and on the following day of May 9th, Stalin announced "Victory Day", a victorious day for all those who fought against the axis of Evil in Europe. A massive sacrifice was made by the Soviet Red Army to liberate eastern Europe from the clutch of fascism, resulting in the loss of over 8 million Red Army soldiers and countless civilian lives.

Comrades in the party highlighted today with a banner and stickering in an area in North Dublin.

"Everyone who loves freedom is in such a debt to the Red Army that he will never be able to pay" - Ernest Hemingway

In modern times, we see the rise of fascism once again in Eastern Europe, in countries like Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and many other nations. Communists world-wide must hold the courage of the Red Army in their hearts and band together to strike the fascist parasite before it can take control and revert the world to the days of old. We communists wish for a peaceful world and that can only be achieved by dismantling fascism and capitalism and all associated organisations by any means necessary.

Over the past few years, we also seen the rise of fascism in Ireland in the form of the Na(zi)tional Party and the Irish Freedom Party. The working class must unite under the banner of anti-fascism and communism to suppress the parasites who claim to fight for the Irish people but when in fact, they cosy up to loyalists and police services in both the north and south of the nation, both of these factions have a long history of supporting fascism and are eternal enemies of the working class.

Communists must keep Victory day remembered and highlighted in these days of the rising fascist tide. To keep our spirits lifted, to honour those who gave their lives for ours and those who chose freedom over oppression, we must honour them and look to them for our courage for our fight against the enemy.

The Party for Communism & Liberation urge all people who wish to to continue the sacred war against fascism, to get in touch with us and form an iron curtain against the evil parasites.

"Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in the struggle against the enemy and gave their lives for the freedom and happiness of our people!" - Comrade Josef Stalin

Forward to victory,

Forward to communism,

Unite under Maoism.

- Central People's Committee,

Party for Communism & Liberation.

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